Waste-free Events Going Strong this Summer

Summer’s here!  Exciting music festivals, rustic camping trips, and sunlit picnics are in many people’s plans.

Something else is afoot, and we’re thrilled about it.  It’s the rise of the waste-free event.  We’ve all attended big events, so we know about the huge numbers of people, the overflowing trash bins, and the abundant litter. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Today we celebrate that change, and look at how thoughtful organizers and suppliers have radically diminished the amount of waste generated at large-scale events around the nation.

At Pendarvis Farm near Portland, Oregon, site of the annual Pickathon, music fans come out for a couple of days of great music and camaraderie. This year the event will be held August 3 -5.  They’ve developed a simple system for dining waste-free.  First, you are welcome to Bring Your Own Reusables (washing stations are provided), or for $10 you can get a token that supplies you with a BambooWare reusable bamboo plate or a reusable polypropylene GO Box, as well as bamboo utensils. After you’ve used them, turn them in for washing, and receive a token for a clean set.  At the end of your festival stay, you can cash in your token for $5, or take your reusable set home. Easy. And definitely not wasteful.

Eliminating Single Use Dishware and Utensils – How It Works on Pickathon, via Klean Kanteen


Reusable stainless steel pints by Klean Kanteen serve for drinking, and Klean Kanteen provides free water refilling stations throughout the site. Of course, cold locally-brewed beer is also widely available. (Pickathon estimates that last year their pint partnership with Klean Kanteen displaced more than 80,000 disposable cups and bottles.)

If you are organizing a summer event, even a small picnic in your local park, won’t you consider replacing single-use items with reusables? We hope you will check out the links in this post to learn more tips from the pros.

Cheers! Enjoy a less-wasteful summer!

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