The App

Do you want to be better at remembering your reusables when you’re heading out the door?

Check out, our free app in the Apple iTunes store.

We are a work in progress, dedicated to helping you make your good intentions into good habits. app available now in the Apple iTunes store app available now in the Apple iTunes store


Bring your bag, bring your water bottle, bring your tumbler, too!

Milk bottles, chopsticks, growlers: pick a few…

You don’t have to throw “away” when reusables will do.


It’s cleaner for the Earth, and safer for you. is a location-based application for iPhones. We plan to add an android version as soon as we can. Check in on your phone, quickly note what reusables you’ve brought, and watch the number of disposable goods you’ve saved grow. Combined with the efforts of other members, you can prevent a lot of waste by using your own reusables in place of disposables.

You can share your BYOR action on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare if you want to. Be a proud Refusenik (a person who refuses or declines something) when it comes to creating waste.

We hope you will give the app a whirl and provide feedback. Please give it a try and leave us a comment!

Keep following us on Facebook and reading our blog for more tips and ongoing information about why the BYOR ethic is important to our future.

Thank you!





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