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It’s not easy, being green

If you are like us, you probably aim to take personal responsibility for your actions to reduce your impact on the environment.  You make daily choices about what you eat, how you get around, what you buy, and what you recycle.  But let’s face it, we can’t be saints all of the time.  The way we see it, even if we can’t be perfect, we can take steps forward and build new sustainable habits.

The bottom-line is that we are consuming 1.5 times more resources then the earth can renew [1] (the ratio is higher in the U.S. and developed countries).  There are many avenues for change, but a clear one for us is simply reducing and refusing the use of goods that were designed and manufactured expressly to be thrown away after a single use.  We are big believers in recycling and composting, but we also believe that recycling should be an option of last resort, after first refusing, reducing and re-using.

So we decided to develop Brng.it, an app and service to help fuel the Bring Your Own Reusable (BYOR) Movement.  Developing new, healthy behaviors is often about creating new habits.  We take inspiration from apps that are successfully helping people get more fit or lose weight.  The best ones connect you to a community of like-minded people, motivate you and let you track your progress, and celebrate your success.  And while doing good should be its own reward, it also helps to get recognition in the form of virtual and real world rewards.

We don’t presume that Brng.it will solve all the problems of needless waste.  But we believe that there are plenty of folks out there, like you, who want to take responsibility for their individual actions and want to see greener practices become the norm.

Our name has two meanings for us.  On the one hand, it’s about remembering to bring your mug to work, your bag to the store, your water bottle to the gym, even your garment bag to the dry cleaner.  On the other, it’s about the attitude and the esprit-de-corps we hope to create as together we challenge the status quo of using cheap, disposable goods, and bring out our inner advocates for change.   So let’s bring our reusables, and let’s bring our A-game.

Thank you for your interest in Brng.it.  This is our blog, where you can follow our progress as we develop the app, and hopefully get some ideas, inspiration, or tools that you can use in your community.  You can sign up for email updates on our home page.  And, of course,  you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  To send us email, write to: support [at] brng.it.

Our best to you,

John, Peggy and Julio
Brng.it Founders

The Team

Peggy Gilges

Peggy GilgesDirector of Sustainability, Editor-in-Chief

Peggy recently completed her certification in Sustainable Practices from Dominican University. She is also a graduate of the master class of the Environmental Forum of Marin. Her project on the use of single-use disposables in the retail food business was the inspiration for Brng.it.

Previously she was a specialist and head of department in 20th Century Decorative Arts at Christie’s New York.

John Rabasa

John RabasaManaging Director, User Experience

John is a co-founder of I’mOK, and led the product definition strategy and design.

Before that he was the Managing Director for the SF office of Publicis Modem, in charge of the P&L, Experience Strategy and oversight of key accounts.

He has held multiple roles in Product, User Experience and Technology at Aol., R/GA, ePals and U.S. News Ventures.

Julio Hernandez-Miyares

Julio Hernandez-MiyaresTechnology Director

Julio is also a co-founder of I’mOK, and as CTO is responsible for technology development and operations.

Before joining I’mOK, he was VP of Technology and CTO for Entertainment and Games at Aol., where he headed a global development organization of software engineers, architects, project managers and QA. In his 10 year career at Aol., he managed tech teams for various media properties in local, news, entertainment, and video supporting a wide gamut of online properties.


[1] Global Footprint Network –Living Planet Report 2010.  http://www.footprintnetwork.org/en/index.php/GFN/page/2010_living_planet_report/

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